Work with leading fashion influencers.

With iConnect’s expansive list of fashion influencers to suit your every influencer marketing campaign requirement, brands can find, analyze, and collaborate with the most suitable content creators. iConnect’s fashion industry experts enable brands to dish out creative content increasing the campaign’s reach and improving sales.


Top beauty influencers across categories.

Partner with leading beauty influencers at the helm of many successful influencer marketing campaigns for the top beauty brands across the region. Monitor and manage campaigns according to your brand guidelines and see the ROI soaring.

Create campaigns to entice online shoppers.

Whether you are an online brand or a marketplace, iConnect’s influencer marketing expertise ensures you efficiently reach your existing and potential target customers. Be in complete control of your campaign’s progress and track every aspect to the granular level. Leading e-commerce brands collaborate with iConnect to create winning influencer marketing campaigns.
Food, Beverage & Grocery

Improve customer acquisition through tailor-made campaigns.

Find specialized content creators with deep knowledge of the F&B and grocery sector and start your influencer marketing campaign on the right note. iConnect’s intelligent platform makes sure brands are always on the top of the proceedings with visibility to every detail.

Influencers with high engagement.

Onboard from our expansive list of leading mom influencers and place your products in front of the most engaged potential audience through authentic content. Whether it is about toys, baby essentials, dreamy vacations, or child development tips, our mom influencers create campaigns that best tell your brand story.

Onboard leading auto influencers.

Top global automobile brands work with iConnect to successfully tell their brand story and connect with a precise target audience. iConnect helps brands find the right auto influencer analyzing significant data points across leading metrics.

Simply Better Technology .

AI Powered Smart Recommender System

Analyzes millions of influencers’ touchpoints, masters how to identify the best influencers and recommends next best action for each campaign

Convolutional Neural Network Analyzes Social Graph

Uses CNN / RNN based models to understand any image content; analyzes a user’s social graph to learn the connections and inetractions between influencers and their audience

Natural Language Processing Studies Online Behaviour

NLP engine leverages open data to extract and understand topics from user driven content. This helps in studying user’s online behavior and targeting the right audience, at the right place and at the right time

Data Science Adds Predictive Insights

Machine Learning drives social network analysis; calculates influencer’s market value, predicts campaign’s response and forecasts sales

Activating Meaningful Brand-Influencer Partnerships in the MENA Region


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Getting started is easy .

Explore how our data-led influencer marketing platform, iConnect, can help your brand

    Getting started is easy .

    Explore how our data-led influencer marketing platform, iConnect, can help your brand

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