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    Do not worry about influencer contracts and agreements.

    Do you face challenges with influencer contracts and agreements? At iConnect, we will take care of all your document-related issues so that you can focus entirely on your client's campaigns.

    Scale Your Influencer Campaign.

    With iConnect, agencies can effortlessly scale the influencer marketing campaigns of their clients with a host of managed services. A dedicated account manager, content experts, comprehensive accounting services, and periodic optimizations ensure you are in complete control of your campaign.

    Get the best influencers for your client's event.

    Tell us your client's requirements, and we will get the best influencers for their event. Our deep and long-term agreements with the content creators make no-show a thing of the past.
    Product Placement Campaigns

    Get genuine feedback from influencers.

    Our product sampling campaigns let us capture honest feedback from influencers for your clients.
    Influencer Payments

    Easy and reliable payment solutions.

    We ensure timely payment. All our payment processes follow strict legal compliance.
    Our Processes Are Streamlined and it reflects in our work

    See how we do it.

    Discover your needs

    Strategize and ideate

    Set goals and objectives

    Onboard right influencers

    Influencer-Brand relationship

    Content strategy and creation

    Review influencer content

    Influencer Payment

    Track campaign


    Simply Better Technology .

    AI Powered Smart Recommender System

    Analyzes millions of influencers’ touchpoints, masters how to identify the best influencers and recommends next best action for each campaign

    Convolutional Neural Network Analyzes Social Graph

    Uses CNN / RNN based models to understand any image content; analyzes a user’s social graph to learn the connections and inetractions between influencers and their audience

    Natural Language Processing Studies Online Behaviour

    NLP engine leverages open data to extract and understand topics from user driven content. This helps in studying user’s online behavior and targeting the right audience, at the right place and at the right time

    Data Science Adds Predictive Insights

    Machine Learning drives social network analysis; calculates influencer’s market value, predicts campaign’s response and forecasts sales

    Activating Meaningful Brand-Influencer Partnerships in the MENA Region


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    Getting started is easy .

    Explore how our data-led influencer marketing platform, iConnect, can help your brand

      Getting started is easy .

      Explore how our data-led influencer marketing platform, iConnect, can help your brand