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    Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values


    Transform influencer marketing in MENA to create significant value for brands and influencers with innovative and sustainable technology.


    To support influencer marketing initiatives of brands and content creators by providing them with a world-class technology platform, enabling them to create a massive impact on their audiences.

    Core Values

    Create long-term and sustainable growth based on our core values of Care, Trust, Commitment, Accountability, Diversity, and Integrity for our internal and external stakeholders.

    About iConnect.

    iConnect is the leading influencer marketing platform in the MENA region. The AI-backed and data-driven technology platform from ArabyAds aids brands and influencers in ramping up their influencer marketing strategies successfully. The idea behind iConnect was to support brands to tell their stories efficiently, reach out to a broader audience effectively, and allow them to have a meaningful interaction with their customers.

    At iConnect, our team is tirelessly working on a mission to revolutionize how brands scale their businesses sustainably through influencer marketing and provide the content creators with a platform that enables them to showcase their innovation and creativity with freedom while collaborating with the leading organizations.

    And technology has a big part to play in our success. Our latest cutting-edge technology and algorithms analyze tons of high-quality historical data and decipher the most important statistics to support influencer marketing initiatives of the most prominent players in the region and empower content creators across MENA.

    As a result, iConnect’s complete campaign analysis, unique data points, and expansive list of top and genuine influencers make the whole campaign management a breeze for brands. iConnect has, over the years, partnered with over 300 leading regional and global brands operating in categories like e-commerce, fashion & lifestyle, beauty, automobiles, food & beverages, and helped them to scale their campaigns effortlessly while forging a close relationship with tens of thousands of leading influencers in the region.

    iConnect’s Journey
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    iConnect Is A
    People-First Organization

    We believe that the people make the organization successful, and we must make them feel valued and take good care of them. Because when we take care of our people, they take care of our customers. As a robust, value-driven, and growth-oriented organization, iConnect takes pride in creating a people-first culture that enables long-term relationships and greater engagement, taking the organization to newer heights.

    Activating Meaningful Brand-Influencer Partnerships in the MENA Region


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    Getting started is easy .

    Explore how our data-led influencer marketing platform, iConnect, can help your brand

      Getting started is easy .

      Explore how our data-led influencer marketing platform, iConnect, can help your brand