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    Video trends to watch out for in influencer marketing

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    Video content has been making its presence felt for a few years now and has seen a massive surge in its popularity. The way video content is consumed on social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, experts believe that brands and influencers will focus more on creating such posts to encash this trend in the coming year. Moreover, with 5G connectivity getting access to a broader audience in 2022 and beyond, marketers will push for high-definition immersive video posts to increase customer engagement and enhance user experience.

    Additionally, with so much uncertainty and restrictions due to the pandemic, the demand for video content will only increase, and influencers and brands are taking note of it. Some industry stats suggest that more than 70 percent of e-commerce companies plan to increase their video marketing budgets to latch on to the video craze. In this blog, we will look at some of the top video trends that will be in vogue in influencer marketing.

    Short Videos

    The popularity of short videos or videos under 60 seconds has gone through the roof in the current influencer marketing landscape and has worked wonders for brands to reach newer audiences. The reason for its massive acceptance is the busy lifestyle of the consumers coupled with limitless viewing options available to them, which has made them less patient to view anything time-consuming.  According to the latest research, 68 percent of viewers watch the entire video if its duration is less than 60 seconds. The number drops sharply as the length of the video increases. Although this means that influencers and brands have few seconds to catch the consumers’ attention, the success of short videos allows them to create content that resonates with their audiences.

    Live Commerce Video

    Live commerce incorporates live video content where the host demonstrates the product to the live viewers over a social network or an e-commerce platform. It is a two-way communication that enables shoppers to buy the product seamlessly during live streaming. What started in the world’s second-biggest economy is quickly spreading out to the other parts of the world, and brands are collaborating with the influencers to take this emerging shopping trend to their customers. Various studies have found that live streaming commerce will be the next big thing in influencer marketing. According to a report by Coresight Research, live streaming shopping in the US market is expected to reach USD 11 billion by the end of 2021 and USD 25 billion by 2023.

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    Optimized Videos Without Sound

    As video consumption has increased manifolds and many users watch videos on social media platforms while on the move, it has become essential for influencers and brands to optimize their videos without sound to convey their message even when users watch it without volume. As an average user comes across hundreds of videos daily while using social media platforms, brands cannot afford to lose the viewer just because their video is not optimized to be played without sound. The most effective way to not lose users is to provide subtitles and on-screen instructions on the video to reach the audience and convey the intended message effectively. The optimization will ensure that watching a video even in a public space is not a problem.

    User-Generated Video Content

    The authenticity and trust associated with user-generated content are like gold dust for brands trying to convince their target audience to become their customers. Moreover, various researches have shown that users overwhelmingly trust user-generated content; while over 80 percent of consumers feel user-generated content is more trustworthy, around 70 percent find the content authentic and appealing. Therefore, brand marketers should look out for consumers who are loyal to their brand and partner with them for their next influencer marketing campaign. Over time, the more brand advocates you have, the more content you will build and then leverage it to increase brand awareness, brand trust, and eventually sales. Instagram Reels is a prime example of short videos.

    Over the last few years, video content consumption has sky-rocketed, leaving behind text content, and with better access to technologies and faster internet speeds, it would not be wrong to say that videos will rule the influencer marketing landscape. As a result, brands will have to keep up with emerging video marketing trends to efficiently reach out to their customers and generate desired results from their influencer marketing campaigns.

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